When are you a toxic fan?

So recently it has been announced that ” A Court Of Thorns And Roses” a famous fantasy series by the author Sarah J. Maas is being adapted into a television series and obviously it excited all the fans but some took it to a highly toxic level when they fat shamed popular actress Danielle RoseContinue reading “When are you a toxic fan?”

Why are audiobooks so effective?

Audiobooks are a new trend in the market but many book lovers are still unaware of it’s wonders. It is a book that is narrated and recorded sometimes accompanied by dramatised effects. They are very effective especially for readers with a super busy life and having no time to sit down for a cosy read.Continue reading “Why are audiobooks so effective?”

Refreshing Indian Authors You Need To Check Out

Manali Debroy Manali Debroy is a writer and an artist. She is also a columnist at the postindia.co.in. Her book, “Marigold the golden memories” is a collection of short stories with realistic nomoskar and deep themes with and unique plots. If you are short stories fan then quickly pick up this book. 2.Pankaj Giri PankajContinue reading “Refreshing Indian Authors You Need To Check Out”

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