The Maidens by Alex Michaelides – Book Review

“After we die, all that remains of us is a mystery; and our possessions, of course, to be picked over by strangers.” The Maidens by Alex Michaelides is the author’s second thriller novel, mostly a whodunit murder mystery infused with psychological and Greek mythology elements. The story starts with Mirana, a group therapist, recovering fromContinue reading “The Maidens by Alex Michaelides – Book Review”

Mohini by Anuja Chandramouli – Book Review

“Men have never been overly fondly of women who put them in their place.” Mohini is perfection made possible! Mohini by Anuja Chandramouli is a mythological fiction about the famous enchantress who was made from the essence of Vishnu but has a validation of her own. She is desired by everyone yet conquered by none.Continue reading “Mohini by Anuja Chandramouli – Book Review”

The UPSC Odyssey by Priyabhishek Sharma – Book Review

How attached are you to your dreams? The UPSC Odyssey by Priyabhishek Sharma is the story of an IAS aspirant who dared to dream of becoming an IAS officer, being from a village. He decided to pursue that which seemed impossible,because he believed it was his dream and to fulfill it was his destiny,but doContinue reading “The UPSC Odyssey by Priyabhishek Sharma – Book Review”

Love to hurt you by Rahul Saini – Book Review

How aware are we of toxic people around us? Love to hurt you by Rahul Saini is an erotic novel centering around three characters each of different personality whose stories get entwined. Sasha is a rich lady who loves torturing men in exchange of money. Maya is a girl who recently lost her lover. GauravContinue reading “Love to hurt you by Rahul Saini – Book Review”

One good lie by Jane Issac – Book Review

Unknown secrets can be dangerous. One good lie by Jane Issac is a psychological thriller that released last month. It is about two sisters Ruby and Sophie whose mother has been murdered and a year later that day another murder takes place of the woman who was the alibi of the person convicted for theirContinue reading “One good lie by Jane Issac – Book Review”

Write me a love story by Ravinder Singh – Book Review

Write me a love story by Ravinder Singh is a romantic novel on the very popular hate to love trope. It is the story of love between a bestselling author and his editor. The story begins with Asmita, the editor and Abhimanyu, the author whose first meet results in a fight leading to mutual animosity.Continue reading “Write me a love story by Ravinder Singh – Book Review”

The Memory Entourage – Book Review

Change is the only thing constant The Memory Entourage is a poetry book having 32 poems that talk about the notion how life is temporary and memories are permanent and how time is momentary and nature stands for permanence. It has four sections Empyrean,enamor, halls if ivy, musings,. There are 32 poems in the bookContinue reading “The Memory Entourage – Book Review”

Circe by Madeline Miller – Book Review

Whether goddess or human, a woman’s life is always filled with pain and struggles. Circe by Madeline Miller is the retelling of Odysseus, the greek epic. The story is about Circe who is the daughter of sun God Helios.From the time of her birth, she’s abandoned by her mother, ridiculed by her siblings for herContinue reading “Circe by Madeline Miller – Book Review”

Dead man tell tales by Dr. B. Umadathan – Book Review

Can the dead tell their stories? Dead Man tell tales is a book by Dr. B. Umadathan, a forensic surgeon says that they can. This book was first published in 2010 in Malayalam. It is the doctor’s memoir and he is popular as “Sherlock Holmes of Kerala.” In this memoir he shares his experience ofContinue reading “Dead man tell tales by Dr. B. Umadathan – Book Review”

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