The Terrible Horrible Very Bad Good News by Meghna Pant- Book Review

The Terrible Horrible Very Bad Good News by Meghna Pant is about a woman named Ladoo who is divorced and she wishes to be a mother. She does everything to keep herself fertile and also wishes that the father of her child becomes her Mr. Right.

She is told by her doctor that natural chances are low and she has use artificial methods.
Knowing that her options are only IVF she decides to go for it even though she faces objections and criticism from her mother, co-workers and neighbors and what else does she have to fight with to fulfill her one and only dream.

The book is very entertaining and I finished it in a day. It highlights the choice of a woman to do what she wants without stereotype. It has a lot of humor and emotions. The book shows how fast a society passes judgement for a woman. They try to dictate rules even for her body. A perfect book for light reading or during slump.

The characters in the book were realistic and showed all faces of the kind we see in our society. The author uses the humor excellently in this book. The book is also going to be a movie titled “Badnaam Ladoo”.

Rate 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟 /5

By booksandsejuti

I am a professional book reviewer and promoter. I am also an amateur writer published in anthologies

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