Sarasvati’s Gift by Kavita Kane – Book Review

Knowledge is wealth but humans seem to misunderstand what wealth actually means.

Sarasvati’s Gift by Kavita Kane is a mythological fiction that tells the unknown story of Goddess Sarasvati. She who has her own singular identity and never as a part of couple like Shiv-Parvati or Laxmi-Vishnu.

The book not only highlights her story as a Goddess of knowledge but also as a river who was the source of life but mankind’s misuse led to its drying up.

This book was very interesting for me as I got to know so much about this unknown part of mythology. I could so relate to Sarasvati’s questioning of patriarchy at each step and making choices like not being a mother just to satisfy the society or be identified as someone’s wife. She was always regarded with respect by every male and female celestials for her wisdom.

Even if you are not a mythology reader I feel you should still read this book to know the story of a woman who stood up for her own identity and rights.

By booksandsejuti

I am a professional book reviewer and promoter. I am also an amateur writer published in anthologies

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